Create a positive environment impact on businesses and individuals with our extensive range of plantable printed stationery

Our exclusive handmade paper is not mass produced but made exclusively for us by a UK paper mill.

Filled with over 20 different varieties of UK native wildflowers seeds, aiming to give your printed products the highest chance of growth. There are many companies that use seed paper from overseas not native to the UK BUT we only source from the UK reducing our carbon footprint.

We provide an extensive range of printed products from business cards and postcards to greetings cards and bookmarks. Special occasion cards such as Mother’s day and Christmas cards fly off the shelves. A wonderful idea is for candle dust covers which cover a candle when not lit and then once the candle has burnt down you plant the cover in the candle container to see your flowers grow!

Our packaging is all 100% eco friendly and every order is packed with extreme care and precision and we use recycled tissue and unused seed paper to fill the boxes – we waste nothing!

Planting instructions are included with every order which are plantable themselves!

So don’t delay contact us today for more information

Planting Instructions

Plant me inside, any time of year.
Tear me up and soak me in water for a minute,
then put me in a pot under 1 cm of soil.
Keep me well watered and place me in the
sunniest spot of the house.
Watch me grow within days.
Plant me outside in Spring or Autumn
when my roots are strong.

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